Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shares Trading and individual involvement

After reading Selva's post about his idea on trading in shares, I strongly  feel he is very right to comment
"to succeed in stock market, Dare to be Different (5%) and Don't go with the Tide (95%) !!!  :-)"
I have been involved in the shares trading activity for many years now I do believe, if an individual is willing to make money from share market, he should posses ;
        - Patience
        - Tendency to know more about the company, where you are willing to buy shares,
        - Enter in the market with Long term view, never be short sighted. With short sight, you are bound to loose only no more, however deep your pocket could be.
        - Never act as a sheep in the herd,
        - The so called analyst, if you see always talking both sides of the coin at the same time, and every one gives his own reasoning, sufficient to confused novice investor.

Ther are many Technical points on investing, I am still learning, lets keep discussing , may be these discussions results in more gains in our Share trading investments,
Happy investing,  .......... CHEERS


  1. Well Said Kuldeep! I fully concur with all your points... :-)
    I particularly liked the point on analysts. Those on TV are just commentators...They do good enough to confuse the novice investors...I really wonder if there is anyone having made money following them...

    Sure., we can discuss a lot in the ensuing blogs as well., as it an ocean... :-) Hopefully, we all can benefit from each other's thoughts/views... :-)

  2. thanks,
    look forward to a healthy discussion and fruitful blogging..